Meet Elaine from Mapley

Meet Elaine from Mapley

May 08, 2022Amanda Sim
Elaine, her husband and their two sons.

Why did you start Mapley?
Motherhood has made me think about the future, not just mine, but also my children's. I worry about the environment and the world they will grow up in.

Part of the reason why we started Mapley, was to do something good for the environment and educate others about reusable products and sustainability. We wanted to do something that would make a huge impact in the world even if it meant 1 or 1000 or 100000 people threw one less piece of trash or takeaway box and used a reusable product. 

I want to leave a good mark on the world and make it better for them. I want to achieve something that they would be proud of – something to help the environment and hopefully a family legacy.

How has motherhood impacted your career? 
I think motherhood has shifted my priorities.
Before motherhood, I put in the extra hours - working weekends or working late, mainly because I wanted to do it and I wanted to do well and get ahead. I also had no dependents, my time was my own time, and I got to choose what I wanted to do with it. 


With motherhood, you really have to think about flexibility and being present.
With kids you need a job that gives you that flexibility in case your child is sick, and you need to either pick them up and leave work early or have to work from home because grandparents or childcare can't take them. 

Being present is really important to me.
If I'm at work, I want to give 100% of my energy and effort to the job and doing it well. 

After hours I want to be 100% present with my kids and give them my time, time is something they won't get back and they grow up so quickly so I don't want to miss those important moments by being on a call or checking emails all the time. 

I now pick roles that give me that flexibility.
If I had to work and look after kids at the same time, it just wouldn't work.  The kids are always doing something they're not supposed to, like shoving something in an electrical socket or turning up the oven to the max and burning my roast dinner (it's actually happened)!

What's the unexpected, best thing about being a mum?
I know this may sounds cringey, but honestly the unexpected, best thing about being a mum is how much you love your kids, and how you want the best for them. You have an idea that you'd love your kid no matter what but the moment you meet them, you get an overpowering sense of love and love you never had before. The way your kid smiles at you or their laughter or any noise of happiness just makes your heart burst with love. 


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