Hi! I'm Amanda.

I'm Amanda, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. The idea for these message- carrying candles came to me one lockdown night when l, like many, was feeling helpless, lost and completely distant from—everything.

So I lit a candle given to me by a friend, hoping it would bring some sort of comfort. I found myself staring aimlessly into the flame „.. and then wondered. What if her words appeared to me as this candle was burning? Her words would bring me a much needed sense of comfort and encouragement. As though, she was right there with me. YES! This is exactly what I need right now!

Right there and then I made it my mission to inspire human connection With the power of words. And that's what I hope to pour into every single one of our candles. That's right, your beautiful words. I am so grateful for that little spark that appeared that night. It has awakened, taught and given me a purpose and a passion that I absolutely adore. We hope you love evry.word.


Amanda's Journey as a Corporate Communications Specialist

Having worked in corporate communications since 2009, Amanda truly understands the impact of words and how the right message can inspire, ignite, and spark deep connections.

When COVID-19 struck the world and Melbourne was plunged into one of the harshest lockdowns, Amanda was one of many Australians who felt the immense loneliness and isolation that came from being confined to their homes.

She certainly wasn’t the only one. In government surveys undertaken since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, just over half (54%) of respondents reported that they felt more lonely since the start of the pandemic. That’s over half the country.


She lit a candle gifted by a friend.

“Whilst staring at the flame, I thought how amazing it would be if a message from my friend appeared as the candle burnt down. I instantly thought of how happy it would make me, and how many others would also really love something like this to feel not so alone, especially during a lockdown.”

Therein that moment, her purpose ignited – to inspire human connection through personalised words that are worth waiting for, creating brighter nights ahead for when you need it most.


Since inception, Amanda has grown evry.word from strength to strength.

From contributing to care packages by serial entrepreneur Sarah Halloway, to being accepted into the Big Design Market not once, not twice, but three times during the brand’s infancy stages, evry.word is full steam ahead in becoming the go-to brand for gifting loved ones with scented candles that are anything but vanilla.

In doing so, Amanda hopes the brand will become a shining beacon of support for her customers, alleviating loneliness when it strikes but also helping them celebrate the good times too.

And she’s achieving this in the best way she knows how – by spreading love through the power of beautiful messages, with words that are worth the wait.

A few wick-ed reasons to purchase an evry.word candle.