Our story continued

Our story continued

Aug 13, 2021Amanda Sim

After such a tough year (for every single soul on the planet!), the feelings of loneliness and isolation we all felt was and is, so overwhelming.

Covid really magnified the preciousness of human connection and boy, did we miss it.

Zoom calls, food delivery, surprise flowers were all starting to feel a little repetitive and impersonal. It was hard to find ways to cheer people up, to celebrate a simple milestone, to show them I cared or to give them a good ole hug from a distance. 

One night, as I lit a candle hoping it would bring me some sort of comfort, something ignited my inner fire.

I found myself just staring at it thinking, wouldn’t it be pretty nifty, if I could see a message peeking through as the candle burned?

Words are everything. The joy, or the comfort we’re all felt when someone says to you, “You’ve got this!”, “You’re beautiful!”, “You’re not alone” goes to show that it only takes a few words to make someone’s day, to seal in a memory or to change a life.

Right there and then I made it my mission to inspire human connection with the power of words.

And that’s what I hope we have poured into every single one of our candles. A way for you to make someone’s heart sing. It’s not just a candle. It’s the meaningful human connection we all crave.

We hope you love evry.word.

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