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JodyHappy customer

If you’re looking for a unique gift that ticks all the boxes I highly recommend evryword candles! My daughters were thrilled to receive their beautifully packaged candles in the mail. Their excitement grew when they realised each carried a personalised message, revealed as the candle burnt down! Placing my order for teachers Christmas gifts, such a clever idea… The ‘Cheer’ & ‘Celebrate’ smell amazing too!!

SamanthaHappy customer

I sent this to my mum during lockdown, and she loves it! She’s so excited every time she burns the candle to see a little bit more of the hidden message. It was such a special way to say that you were missing a loved one. Smells amazing too - love the tuberose undertones!

EmilyHappy customer

It's an amazing way to send a gift and meaningful message when you can't be there to say it in person.